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Well. It’s nearing the end of the school year, which means more time for all things cosplay, including commissions. SO!


While normally I just limit things to props, hats, etc. I am desperate so I am adding something new: clothing additions/alterations/hand-drawn designs for cosplay. I do not have the ability to do any real sewing, but have had people express interests in things similar to what I did with my 4/13 Jacket (seen above) or my Matryoshka!Rose hoodie (also above), I figured this could be something new to do. Basically you can either send me a cosplay piece you already have or, in the case of something simple like a hoodie, etc. I can get something for you and paint whatever you want on it in fabric paint with unlimited colors! I can do lettering, designs, gems, patches, whatever- as long as you have reference or ideas!

Prop commissions still are the same as usual. Above are some things I have done for myself, friends, or commissions.

If you are interested in a prop or alteration send me an ask or an e-mail at

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